Winner World Consultancy And Management Corp is engaged in the lending (microfinance) business and the sale of bridges for tax-exempt real estate in the Philippines.
By operating a stable lending business and a real estate business related to land that is both conservative and highly profitable, we operate mainly on sustainable and growing businesses.
We are also involved in the development and construction of resort facilities in the Philippines and dealing with real estate in the resort area.

WWCAM Features

Current business

Lending business

Micro Finance

Microfinance is a financial service that aims to provide people who are low-income with services such as small loans and savings, help them to operate micro businesses, to become independent, and to get out of poverty.
In developing countries, with fewer employment opportunities for companies, more than half of the workers earn a living on a self-employed or family business and continue to live insecurely.
Low-income people do not have access to common financial services, such as savings accounts and insurance services, to accommodate future preparations and plans. Microfinance meets these needs.
Microfinance, unlike the charitable approach found in traditional development assistance, helps each person take advantage of their potential, design an economic future and live independently. .
Microfinance is a collective term for “Micro size of Finance” for the low-income. Microfinance institutions are referred as MFIs.

Bank Bridge Finance

The bridge finance is aimed at fund bridge for people who borrow loans to banks and cash conversion for people who want to make check payments.
The maximum loan period is 3 months. This is a deal in partnership with the bank that is borrowing the loan, only for clients referred by the bank, and the risk is very low because the bank collects and pays from the client.

Corporate lending

There is an "employee loan system" in which a Philippine company lends to employees who belong to the company.
We lend to companies that have this employee loan system.
The lender company will provide collateral and receive the loan funds. The company will lend to employees based on this funding. We will support for adjusting the risk of the repayment system.

Lending to the high-income group

For the rich in the Philippines, we will secure land and condominiums that are at least three times the loan amount as collateral. Interest is averaged from 5% per month and contract terms are typically 6 months.
When the repayment date comes, we will return the collateral after receiving the principal repayment, however if it is uncollected, we will bring the properties which held or escrowed as collaterals to the bank.
We have a safety net by having cash out with banks around 50% of their real estate valuations.

Unpaid tax real estate bridge sale business

Business summary

Currently, property taxes in the Philippines are increasing year by year due to the rapid rise in land prices.
As a result, there is a tendency for more landowners to be unable to pay taxes and being seizedland due to the tax delinquencies.
Given this situation, we provide a service to bridge funds on behalf of landlords as a remedy before the land is seized.
By not only lending but also doing all the work up to the sale of the land to the developer,
there are more benefits to landowners than if they are seized as they are, so both parties have a profitable structure.



Target area

Antipolo 123 ha
Appraisal value: 5,000peso / sqm (2017)
Scheduled sale price: 3,000peso~ / sqm (minimum)
We own 9.21% of the total.


Target area

Tagaytay 105 ha
2.6 hectare commercial area
Appraisal value: 70000peso / sqm (2017)
Scheduled sale price: 30000peso~ / sqm
Our company owns 9.5% of the total.

Tagaytay 100 ha
Appraisal value: 8000peso / sqm
Scheduled sale price: 4000peso~ / sqm
4 billion peso in value at the time of sale
We own 9.5% of the total.

Arca South

Target area

Appraisal value:150,000peso~ / sqm
The value at the time of sale is about 105 billion peso
We own 1.58% of the total.

Future business

Renovation business for non-collateral properties

We purchase a property not covered by loan screening as collateral by the bank. It will be renovated in necessary and provided as a rental property.

Town house and apartment business

Development of town house apartments by attracting major developers to the area owned by the company (5000 ha).

Palawan Island Development Project SDGs Eco Resort

This project was born because the location of 37ha uninhabited island near Palawan closely resembles the world view of a famous Japanese cartoon that is very popular worldwide.
 It's a dream project to create the world of comics in the reality.



URL http://www.wwcam.ph
PHONE NO. 0908891370


Our Team

Meet the key members of Winner World Consultancy And Management Corp.

Suguru Sasaki

Suguru Sasaki


1975 Born in Toyama Japan

In the overseas asset management business launched when the company was founded in 2006, it has formed business tie-ups with about seven countries, mainly in Asia, to conduct research and practice on its own.He has also served as a director of an investment advisory company and practiced currency diversification, stock diversification, and border diversification, and has provided consulting on asset conservation such as tax saving and inheritance utilizing overseas.
Bali owns real estate overseas and conducts resort real estate development, long stay support, original tours, etc. through a business called “Rakuen BALI-style” (http://rakuenbali-style.com/).

Yasuyuki Goto

Yasuyuki Goto


1975 Born in Tokyo Japan

After working at Macquarie Bank, he worked for US-based PIMCO and the Blackstone Group.
He has experience in both the so-called buy-side and sell-side in the financial industry, as well as a wealth of experience in handling a variety of financial products, including stocks and bonds, and alternative investments.
He also has experience in stock research, and his research extends to research and development of individual companies and the entire industry, as well as SDGs-type jobs and industries aiming to solve new social issues.

Tsukasa Nishijima

Tsukasa Nishijima


1973 Born in Toyama Japan

Responsible for operations from web production incorporating marketing techniques. He has traveled to Hong Kong, Philippines and Bali, where he has been involved in planning and developing and operating a site for an overseas asset management community. Currently he is mainly involved in overseas business planning, content creation and web marketing.

Shino Yoku Shiina

Shino Yoku M. Shiina


1988 Born in Cebu Philippine

As an expert in influencer marketing strategies, I assist brands in navigating the dynamic social media landscape, partnering with top influencers to boost brand awareness, engagement, and growth. With a wealth of experience, I am a versatile professional skilled in leading Philippine projects, including government initiatives like the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) projects. My specialization lies in connecting Japanese investors and businesses to exciting opportunities within the Philippines. Through my expertise and network, I facilitate successful collaborations, driving investment and fostering growth between Japan and the Philippines.

Kohei Takami

Shusaku Endo

Executive Adviser


After graduating from university, engaged in statutory and voluntary audits at PwC Arata Audit Corporation. After obtaining an MBA from Boston University, he worked in the investment banking division of Merrill Lynch Japan Securities (now BofA Securities), where he was involved in fundraising and M&A. In 2018, he opened his own private accounting firm, where he is exclusively engaged in bookkeeping, tax filing, and management support services for small and medium-sized companies. As a support organization, he also handles a lot of fundraising work, including Corona-related loans for small and medium-sized companies. In the course of his work, he recognized the inefficiency of M&A and the large number of cases of non-DD by SMEs as a problem, and established Rooom Inc. to develop and disseminate services useful for the succession of Japanese companies in an aging society.

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